Repair the steering gear
The German market for passenger car spare parts in 2013 amounted to almost 15 billion euros. 11 percent of this - about 1.6 billion euros - have already been generated via the Internet, reports the industry service "kfz-betrieb online". According to a recent study by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, the German online spare parts market will grow rapidly in the coming years. MAPCO has taken this development into account and, as a manufacturer, has been offering its entire range of over 20,000 articles online since 2012, also on this homepage.


Steering gears belongs to the wearing parts in the automotive sector, which can be reprocessed and are therefore taken back when buying a new part. This also applies to MAPCO car technology. MAPCO-Autotechnik also prepares your steering gear when a new product is temporarily out of stock and you do not want to wait for a long time. Your old steering gear is like a new one again within seven days.

A visual inspection before the preparation is first made, to ensure that the component fits to the return criteria of MAPCO-Autotechnik. Then the steering gear were disassembled and the old wear parts were disposed of properly and environmentally friendly. Then we clean the parts by hot washing and blasting. The assembly of the steering is done with the utmost care and only by using new wearing parts (sealing rings, oil seals, liners, ball bearings). Finally the renewed steering gear must pass through a functional test.

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